Artisan Alley

The Oregon Jamboree presents ‘Artisan Alley’

The 2019 Oregon Jamboree would like welcome our artists to sell items in ‘Artisan Alley’!

Please read our 2019 Artisan Alley Vendor Rules & Guidelines here for more information.


Artisan Alley Application

Please use this form to apply for a vendor booth in Artisan Alley - the Arts & Crafts Fair for the 2019 Oregon Jamboree in Sweet Home, Oregon. Stars next to a field name indicate that the field is "required".
  • Artisan Information:

  • Please describe the items that will be available at your booth. All items must be HAND-CRAFTED.
  • Contact Information:

  • If selected as an artisan, an active email account is required for future communication. All artisans will receive instructions and forms via email throughout the process.
  • Booth Information and Options:

  • You will be provided with lights for evening safety, all other electrical needs will have a $40 charge per circuit cord. Please choose/enter the number of circuit cords you will need. Do not include the original circuit for safety lights.
  • Select all desired options!
  • Staffing Numbers:

    Please provide a number of staff you will have each day. You will be allowed passes for a maximum of three workers for the weekend.
  • By filling out this application I acknowledge that I have read the 2019 Artisan Alley Vendor Rules and Guidelines with regard to booth fees, insurance requirements, Oregon Jamboree commission, camping and alcohol policies.

    2019 Artisan Alley Vendor Rules and Guidelines
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.