Patron Rules

Download a complete set of Concerts Rules & Info HERE.


The Oregon Jamboree strives to provide guests with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. To ensure that a pleasant experience is not disrupted or ruined by a few unruly guests, we have established the Oregon Jamboree Code of Conduct. The following acts shall be grounds for denial of ticket sales, eviction from or non-admittance to the Oregon Jamboree grounds without a refund:

  • Activity likely to endanger person or property, or that could disrupt or interfere with performances or other activities.

  • Bringing onto the grounds articles that could be perceived as dangerous.

  • Attempting to smuggle alcoholic beverages onto the grounds or consuming or carrying dispensed alcohol in areas other than designated areas for consumption.

  • The selling to, possession of, or consumption by a minor of alcoholic beverages.

  • The sale or possession of an illegal drug.

  • Behavior which is the cause of multiple patron complaints.

Those who witness other guests violating Oregon Jamboree policies should report offenders to the nearest Jamboree Crowd Management Volunteer. Violators of the law are subject to arrest and prosecution by the Sweet Home Police Department.


The use of tobacco products is not permitted on school district property within the State of Oregon (OAR 581-021-0110). “Tobacco” is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, and any other smoking product, spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew, snuff, in any form, nicotine or nicotine delivering devices, chemicals or devices that produce the physical effect of nicotine substances or any other tobacco substitute (e.g., e-cigarettes). This does not include FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products used for the purpose of cessation. Smoking is allowed only in the Beer Gardens or other designated areas.

Reserved Seating

Please note that children 6 & under are free in general admission only. Everyone in the reserved seating section regardless of age must have a reserved ticket and the appropriate wristband WITH THE EXCEPTION of infants age 1-year or younger. Smaller children who are not sitting on parents’ laps must have a ticket.


How can other people be stopped from standing up or dancing during the event?
Depending on the artist, standing or dancing may be accepted as normal. Many artists will instruct our staff not to ask anyone to sit down during their performance. Each situation is handled on an individual basis and the general rule-of-thumb is THE MAJORITY RULES. If the majority of the audience is standing, there is little that can be done. If the majority of the audience is sitting and a few people are standing or otherwise obstructing the view of others, those individuals will be asked to refrain from doing so. Please be a good neighbor and be considerate of other Jamboree patrons. The area in front of the stage is accessible with a daily sweet spot ticket. There is ample space between the Sweet Spot area and the 1st row of seating. Standing on seats, rails or other structures is never permitted under any circumstances.