August 4th - 6th, 2023






Absolutely NO FIRE WORKS, CAMP FIRES, OPEN FLAME FIRES, OR OPEN FLAME CANDLES will be allowed.   This includes charcoal or pellet grills, and other open flame devices. Propane stoves, fire pits, grills & barbeques with shut-off valves are allowed.  Traegers are not allowed. When in grass areas, please be cautious when smoking.  ANY UNATTENDED BURNING DEVICE WILL BE TURNED OFF.  IF FOUND A SECOND TIME, IT WILL BE DIS-ALLOWED.  Festival Management reserves the right to prohibit use of open flame devices when left unattended. 

CAMP HOSTS are volunteers who have offered to help us out during the weekend.  Each campground has a minimum of 2 Camp Hosts, while the bigger campgrounds may have as many as 8. 

The role of a Camp Host is to greet patrons, be a source of good information about the Festival and local areas, and provide basic security.  Camp Hosts have the authority to evict campers and guests from campgrounds if they are violating Jamboree rules and guidelines.

Camp Hosts in unreserved sites will have the authority to assign camp sites.

Camp Site vouchers, also called tickets or passes, are sold on a per-site (not per-person) basis and are valid from 2 p.m. Thursday until 10 a.m. Monday.  

You must show a campsite voucher when you check in with the Camp Hosts, before you start setting up your site.  You can show this as a hard copy ticket, print at home ticket, a mobile ticket in your apple wallet, or even a picture you took before you left home.

In campgrounds that are non-reservable, when you arrive, you may show your voucher as well as that of others that you are wanting to camp with and the camp host will assign you sites together.  

Note that campsites go to the first person who arrives.  So if you bought your site from a 3rd party, and you check in with that voucher, and it is already occupied, then you will have to go purchase a new site at the Box Office at Site. 

Campsites are 20’X40′ or 25’X50′ with no hook-ups. 

Some tent sites are 20’x30′

All RVs, tents, vehicles, and property must be kept within your site boundaries.  Multiple sites must follow the Camping Guidelines and follow one RV per site, and must be backed in or pulled straight in.  All roads in campgrounds are classified as fire-access roads and cannot be blocked.  Vehicles/other property blocking the fire roads will be removed at owner’s expense

Please see Extra Vehicles below for more information about an extra vehicle pass.

Check in begins Thursday at 2:00 pm, NO EARLY ARRIVALS.  Once you are settled, you will not be allowed to move RVs or tents.

Check Out time is no later than Monday at 10 am. Please leave your site as clean or cleaner than when you arrived.  We appreciate it!

Extra vehicle passes are $25 and sold “as available” from your camp host (not online), maximum one per campsite. One steering wheel per campsite. 

Some Campgrounds will not have additional vehicle passes for sale. 

Please see this flier that should answer all your parking questions.

Portable toilets and sanitation services are provided at each campground.

Generators are not allowed during Quiet Hours but are allowed during the day.


CAMPERS OR GUESTS who behave in a way that could be considered obscene, indecent, lewd, racially offensive, suggestive, harassing, threatening, objectionable, or unlawful shall be subject to loss of band(s), removal from all festival properties, including campgrounds, & punishable to the full extent of the law.

Only one RV, or “anything with wheels,” is allowed per site.  You can add additional “wheel-less” tents to a RV site if in your marked boundaries.

Sorry, NO pets allowed into the festival. Service animals are welcome.  We do not recommend bringing pets to your campgrounds since you will be at the concerts a majority of the time.

Propane cooking grills are welcome if fire danger level allows. Open fires and charcoal grills are prohibited.

PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS and lock-up all valuables including coolers, bikes and generators when leaving them unattended and overnight. The Oregon Jamboree, City of Sweet Home and Sweet Home School District are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property of any kind.

PORT-A-POTTIES are for rent, but must be rented before June 30 to be available for the Jamboree Festival.  Units are 4’x4′, a 3 day rental and stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Handicapped units are not available for rent.

Renter can move any unit they have rented.

Personal port-a-potties will not be served during the weekend.

Quiet Hours are one hour after the end of the final concert until 7:00am, or Thurs/Sun 10pm-7am, Fri/Sat 12am-7am, whichever is later.

The Oregon Jamboree has Campgrounds that allow sites to be reserved beforehand, and sites that will be assigned as campers arrive. In unreserved camping, after showing your ID and proof of purchase (hard copy or on your mobile device,) a Camp Host will assign you to a site when you arrive, filling the campground from the back to the front. You may show proof of purchase for sites for others, with their passes in hand (or mobile), to be assigned multiple sites.  Please, no “Wagon Wheel” formations.

“RV camping” is considered anything with wheels (fifth-wheels, motor homes, camper-vans, travel-trailers, truck campers, tent-trailers).

Showers are available at The Rodeo Grounds (CAMP 9 & 10), City Hall (18), Community Chapel (14, 15, 16), High School Track (CAMP 3 & CAMP 4), High School Gym ( CAMP 2), High School Pool, the Boys & Girls Club, & Steelhead Fitness for a minimal fee.  Full schedule is under Festival Info

Free shuttle service is provided continuously every 30 minutes for the following sites:

Camp 6, 7, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25 & 30.

The use of tobacco products is not permitted on school district property within the State of Oregon (OAR 581-021-0110).  “Tobacco” is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, and any other smoking product, spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew, snuff, in any form, nicotine or nicotine delivering devices, chemicals or devices that produce the physical effect of nicotine substances or any other tobacco substitute (e.g., e-cigarettes). This does not include FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products used for the purpose of cessation. Smoking is allowed only in the Beer Gardens or other designated areas.

TENT CAMP A campers will not be allowed to park on the grass by your tents.

No extra vehicles are permitted.  Designated parking for Camp A is along in the baseball field parking lot and in designated area behind the shop at the high school.

Reserved parking is not available or permitted. The campsites are an easy walk from the parking area. 

No swimming pools are allowed on the grass in Tent A.

“TENT-only camping” is, most cases, restricted to tents (no tent-trailers or anything with a steering wheel of any kind). 

The Oregon Jamboree will not be requiring proof of vaccination for those attending or working at the Oregon Jamboree. 

Masks will be required if the State of Oregon is requiring them at the time of the Oregon Jamboree.

 We understand that COVID-19 has been a serious safety concern in the past few years and respectfully request all those concerned to feel free to wear masks and use hand sanitizer frequently.  As this is an outdoor event, we feel confident that the environment will be as safe as possible.

Please respect the boundaries of your site and do not use multiple sites to create Wagon Wheel formations.  This is per direction from the Sweet Home Fire Department.  The Sweet Home Fire Chief has requested that The Jamboree allow room to drive up to every single site in order to facilitate a quick emergency response if needed.

Camp Hosts have been asked to enforce this new policy going forward.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

U-Shaped formations are OK as long as there is emergency access on both sides of the vehicle that creates the back side of the “U.”  Please reference this visual aid.

  • No Drought will be providing potable water service for Jamboree campers. They will have multiple tankers circulating throughout Jamboree campgrounds from 8am-5pm Thursday-Saturday of the event.  RV holding tank fills are $100 per tank. Pool pricing is determined by pool size and will be established at the time of the fill. Service is on a first come, first serve basis. You must flag a truck down for water service. You will not be able to preschedule or request water service via phone, text, email, voicemail, etc… The only way for Jamboree patrons to get water is to flag a truck down! Please be pleasant, patient, and plan accordingly.

Water is provided at most campgrounds.

We would like to remind you that the concert is an outdoor event rain-or-shine.  Please be prepared for hot, sunny days and cool evenings.  Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and warm clothing for the evening hours are advised.

Your concert ticket is your RFID wristband.  Wristbands not received in the mail pre-festival can be picked up in the Event Box Office Will Call from 4:00 pm to 9:45 pm on Thursday and from 10:00 am to 9:45 pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 10:00 am to 7:15 pm on Sunday.  This band is required for entry into the concert site and will not be replaced if cut or damaged in any way.  A $25 will be charged to deactivate a wristband due to it having to be cut off because it is too tight or destroyed inadvertently.

Swimming Pools are allowed in most campgrounds.  You can flag down a NO DROUGHT truck to get your pool filled.

Campground FAQ’s are subject to change without notice  Please download the basic RV & Tent Camping Regulations for your reference.