August 4th - 6th, 2023



Check out the links below for more information on how YOU can get involved!



New volunteers will be able to sign up starting April 1, 2023.

All volunteers, including returning volunteers, will need to create a new account this year as we are using a new volunteer system. 

Thank you for your patience and support during this transition.

We have year around teams, teams that work primarily during the event, teams that work primarily before and after the event, and teams that serve our campers.  Descriptions below!

These teams work primarily during the event:

  • Advance Ticket Sales: Pre-sale of next year’s tickets. Computer competence is required.
  • Merchandise: Manage festival sales and keep inventory.  Great customer service necessary!
  • Crowd Management: Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all concert patrons. Greet and assist patrons with orderly chair placement, monitor wristbands and be available to answer questions and/or remedy problems patrons may have.
  • Guest Services: Provide an enjoyable environment for all concert patrons. Greet patrons and be available to answer questions and/or remedy problems patrons may have. Monitor COVID-19 protocols.
  • Event Box Office: Provide customer service and banding resolution for RFID wristbands.
  • Hospitality Services: Provide maintenance services for hospitality areas during the festival.
  • Information Booth: Provide patrons and volunteers with information.  Manage Lost-and-Found items and patron surveys.
  • Kid Zone: Manage the Kid Zone area, maintaining a safe and enjoyable place for patrons with their children.
  • Parking Team: Provide parking assistance/directions to patrons & volunteers, and monitoring check points for valid parking passes.
  • Banding Resolution: Provide excellent customer service for RFID bands
  • Site on Site: Our go-to team to get things taken care of during the event.  Moving chairs, fixing lights, emptying garbage cans, checking gates… they do it all! Busy should be the name of this team because they don’t stand around long!
  • Stagehands: Unload trucks, set-up musical equipment and assist in backstage production needs.  Heavy lifting required.
  • Volunteer Hospitality: Monitor volunteer eating area and provide breakfasts during the event to our fabulous volunteers

These teams work before and after the event and are on-call during the event. 

  • Camp Marking Team: Pre-event campground set-up.  Must be able to work the weekend before event from 7am-5pm.  Long, hot days, but you’re done before the music starts!
  • Signs: Install directional signs on streets and highways and install banners on-site. Must be able to work the week before and the Monday after the event.
  • Site Set-Up/Tear-Down: Provide various construction related tasks.  This team will do everything from setting up the chairs and fences, to marking fields and operating heavy machinery. Shifts begin as early as the Friday before the week of the event and concludes the week following the event.
  • Stage Build/Tear Down: Build the stage before the event and tear down the stage after the event alongside professional stage builders.
  • Water Systems Team: Set up and take down of water connections for all services on the event grounds.  Basically mobile plumbers.

These teams serve our Campers:

  • Camp Hosts: More information on camp hosts below.
  • Camping Support: Part of the Camp Host team, you assist the Camp Host Supervisors in setting up.  This includes stocking supply totes for the campgrounds, transporting the totes, light towers, ATV’s, and safety equipment (some weighing up to 40#) to and from the campgrounds and aid in setting up the equipment. Also includes helping with meals for camp hosts before and throughout the event.  Must have a vehicle with a two inch (2″) ball and the ability to tow light towers and ATV trailers to and from campground

Camp Hosts are the first contacts of the Oregon Jamboree guest, to get them settled into their camp sites,
and oriented for the weekend. The Camp Host is often the face of the Oregon Jamboree and need to maintain a
positive, friendly attitude throughout the event weekend.
Camp Hosts may arrive any time after 9:00 am on Wednesday to set up their camp before the New Camp Hosts meeting
Wednesday evening at the Sweet Home High School Track.   They may leave after the campground is clear and
cleaned up on Monday morning.
Camp Hosts check in with their Supervisor or the Lead Camp Host in their campground.
Camp Host must supply their own RV or tent, and every Camp Host must be at least twenty-one (18) years
of age.
• Greet & sign in campers, collect camping tickets, and sell additional parking tickets, per Jamboree financial policy.
• Assist our camping guests and ensure they find their correct campsite, answer questions, settle minor disputes & police camp area as necessary.

• Meals provided or compensated for.
• Two volunteer t-shirts.
• 3-Day festival wristband for each Camp Host.
• One (1) additional 3-Day festival admission wristband provided at no cost.
• Two (2) additional 3-Day festival admission wristbands offered at a discounted price.

Any questions regarding Camp Host duties or responsibilities please contact Ryan by email at:
[email protected]

Volunteer Perks:

  • Volunteers working longer than 5 hours shifts during the Jamboree weekend will receive meals while working. 
  • All Volunteers receive (1) free volunteer shirt (please don’t alter).  Camp hosts will receive (2) free volunteer shirts.
  • 2022 Additional volunteer shirts will be pre-order only.  Please visit the onsite Merchandise Tent at the Jamboree Event (not the office) to see if there are more shirts available for purchase.  No shirts will be sold at the Jamboree office at 401 Main St.
  • 2022 Volunteer link to purchase discounted Camping, will be open May 1st.  Camping is first come, first serve.  Limited spots available. (Camp Hosts receive free camping).
  • 2022 Volunteer link to purchase up to two discounted friends or family 3-Day festival wristband for $100. Note, purchase is limited to volunteers and any ticket purchased by someone other than the approved volunteer will be cancelled.  Discounted tickets will be available starting in May.  Camp hosts will also receive (1) free friend/family 3-day festival wristband.

Volunteer Sign Up Info & Requirements:

  • You must have an activated profile to sign up for events (activation can take up to 2 weeks and sometimes longer)
  • Directions for how to sign up to be a volunteer (just click blue box on this page): ON YOUR COMPUTER or ON YOUR PHONE
  • All volunteers must work a minimum of 18 hours. 
  • If the team you are requesting is not listed above, you must use the name of the supervisor in the referral section to be added to the team.

Supervisor Resources

Since 1992, the Oregon Jamboree has put on 28 Jamborees (1998 & 2020 were off years) and had more than 6500 volunteers help us out.  Some work for one or two years and we are grateful for their help.  Some stay for the long haul, never missing an opportunity to lend a hand.  Friends talk friends into volunteering.  Parents assign their teenage children so they learn how to give back to the community.  Community leaders join in to serve and have a great time!  We depend on all of them!

These volunteers have stood the test of time and are still volunteering in 2022!  
Please find them at the event and thank them from all of us! (Milestone years receive pins and onsite recognition on Sunday).

30 years: Peggy Emmert, Debbie Jensen, Larry Johnson, Daryl Nothiger, Donna Poirier

29 years: Deborah Maskal

28 years: 

27 years: Shari Melcher-Smith

26 years: Michelle Gregory

25 years: Rob Poirier

24 years: Carol Cromwell, Penny Leland, Cassie Richey, Kim Wilson

23 years: Anita Hutchins, Bill Johnson, Betty Schmidt

22 years: 

21 years: Jodi Hendry, Sean Morgan, Carolyn Phillips, Angela Weld

20 years: Candy Johnson, David O’Brien, Jim Reasons, Sherry Reasons, Brenda Simmons

19 years: Donna Esser, Capri Moore, Brenda Murphy, Derrick Wodtli, Mendy Wodtli

18 years: Kristen Sim, Debbie Tornow

17 years: Tom Avants, Nicole Kirkpatrick, Janet McKenzie, Robert Phillips, Sarah Shamek, Tanna Wright

16 years: Jordan Hagle, Larry Hutchins, Tina Larsen, Michelle Petersen

15 years: David Kem, Jared Richey

14 years: Sandy Hagle Brown, Alice Park, Shirley Richey, Terry Riley, Ryan Warden

13 years: Jeremiah Fisher, Regina Green, Kellie Kem, Greg Pelton, Melissa Pelton, Jeff Richey, Ethan Riley, Christina Smith, Adena Zook

12 years: Sally Carpenter, Tammy Carter, Renae Hoover, Tiffany Lynn, Josh McLean, Amber Orduna Zagal, Dianne Riggs, Lona Riley, Murya Scherer, John Smith, Leann Stadeli, Matt Stadeli, Donnie Wagner, Jill Wagner

11 years: Kristine Coffin, Richard Coffin, Doug Emmert, Iletta Hopper, Bret Jones, Joshua Mayer, Ed Norman, Jennifer Norman, Sandie Quella, Bill Rice, Vickie Rice, Sydney Spaulding, Kyle Sullens

10 years: Julie Bishop, Tracy Bloodgood, Kelsey Bunker, Duston Chambers, Larry Crist, Mary Crowhurst, Savanna Hawkes, Terry Hoover, Brandy Marshall, Debra Nickless, Lori Pallister, Lisa Parr, Barbara Pederson, Gina Riley, Andy Waldrop

*note, contact [email protected] if you believe any of the above is in error or a volunteer is missed. 


The Oregon Jamboree is the fundraising mechanism created to support the non-profit organization Sweet Home Economic Development Group (SHEDG). All proceeds generated by the festival are distributed back into the community for economic development purposes. Based on the high volume of requests, criteria includes, but is not limited to, the recipient being a 501C(3) or non-profit entity within Linn County. Donations are allocated based on several factors including availability of tickets, type of event, location of event, etc. Submission of this form does not confirm your request, nor should it be assumed that your request will be approved automatically because your organization has received prior Oregon Jamboree donations.

Please note, except by our prior written authorization, Oregon Jamboree trade names, trademarks,  or logos may not be used for promotional or other commercial purposes.  This includes if we donate to you or your organization. Please do not use our logo on social media posts unless we approve the post first.  Thank you!

Our 2023 Donation Requests Program is now closed.

Vendor Infomation

2023 Vendor Application can be found at  Search “Oregon Jamboree” in the marketplace tab. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like a copy of our Vendor FAQ’s or if you have additional questions.



Interested in becoming a sponsor or partner? Please fill out the Sponsor Interest Form.


Thank you, in advance, for abiding by the following Oregon Jamboree Credential-Request Policies & Procedures, as well as for your understanding that media credentials are limited and will be issued only to official media outlets providing timely coverage of events. It is our goal to make your job covering Oregon Jamboree events pleasant and efficient.

Credential Request Policy & Procedures:

  • Media credentials will be issued only to working press, radio, TV, Internet, and photo journalists assigned to cover the Oregon Jamboree.
  • Generic press passes or industry affiliation credentials are not good for admission or access to restricted areas.
  • All requests for credentials and passes must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance. Submission of request does not guarantee credentials. Oregon Jamboree reserves the right to approve or deny credential requests, as well as the number of granted credentials.
  • Credentials will be placed in Will Call for approved media representatives to pick-up at event.
  • Issued credentials are non-transferable and must be accompanied by both state-issued and employer-issued identification; failure to carry both IDs is grounds for credential revocation and dismissal.
  • If your media outlet has not previously been granted credentials to cover events at Oregon Jamboree, you must submit one current and one recent copy of your publication/production (print, CD, DVD).
  • Working media credentials are limited and will not be issued to representatives of non-working media, including (but not limited to) representatives of the following firms: marketing, PR, promotions, sales and advertising.
  • Do not request working-media privileges for company executives (management, publishers, officers, board members); visitors found abusing this policy will be dismissed from the event.
  • Please submit only one request per media outlet, consolidating requests of all applicable departments (sports, news, photo, production, etc.)

Media Entrance
Media representatives must present Oregon Jamboree media credentials or regular tickets for scanning at any public event gate.

Media Parking
Media representatives should park in the lot specified on the parking authorization credential. Media without a parking credential should park in any regular public pay lot.

Video and still photographers are welcome to take pictures in any unrestricted area of the grounds. Please note that all photos taken of Jamboree Acts can only be used for the sole purpose of timely news/publicity coverage and are not to be used for any other stories or stock footage. Images of Jamboree Acts are not to be sold for any reason.

Many locations on the grounds may be used as sites for radio or TV broadcasts.

All Artist Interviews must be arranged prior to the event through Jamboree Marketing or Artist representative.


Discounts are good for General Admission Tickets ONLY.



Here’s how it works:

Purchase 10 – 19 General Admission tickets in one order and get a 10% discount off the ticket price, OR purchase 20 or more tickets in one order and get a 15% discount off the ticket price. Contact the Box Office to order: 541-367-8800 or email [email protected]