August 2-4, 2024
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PNW Stompeders

2023 Pacific Northwest Stompeder Dance Team

The audition for the Pacific Northwest Stompede Performance Team will start on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. If you are selected to advance to the next round, you will be asked to schedule a 15-minute, virtual interview for Sunday, November 20th, 2022. 

Audition Location: Lucky’s Bar and Grill: 9306 NE 76th St, Vancouver, WA 98662
Audition Date: Saturday November 19th, 12:00pm
Virtual Interview Date: Sunday November 20th – You will schedule this with us on Saturday November 19th.
Plan for Audition day: 
  • Auditions start at 12pm – after submitting this form, you will receive information that includes the preselected dance you will use for your audition.
  • Eliminations take place and callbacks announced before a lunch break
  • Those called back will be taught a dance and asked to demonstrate in another round of auditions
  • Folks with callbacks will schedule a virtual interview  for Sunday Nov 20th.

Commitments to being part of the team: 

  • Must be Oregon or Washington based to participate in the 2023 season. 

  • Must be able to participate in a minimum of  3 events and 3 competitions.

  • Must be able to attend all days of The Oregon Jamboree (Aug 4th-6th) 

  • Must be willing to practice at home through virtual teaches

  • Must be willing to attend in person practices (some will be mandatory others will be highly encouraged)

  • Must provide clothing sizes for costuming (you can provide info below)

  • Must be willing to purchase/ provide your own western boots (1 pair brown & 1 pair black – must be rubber soled for safety) 

  • Must be willing to provide and do own hair and makeup (both men and women) 

  • Must have reliable transportation  

  • Punctuality is a MUST – Please be early to your audition call time if possible, if not earlier than at least ON TIME!

  • Please contact us if you are going to be absent from a mandatory event. 

What the judges are looking for during auditions:

The following criteria will be considered during judging: 


  • Appearance- neatly and appropriately dressed, including makeup and hair. 
  • Smile and Audience Appeal- Do you appear to be having fun? 
  • Dance Ability and Rhythm- able to complete steps, in control, on beat. 
  • Knowledge of Your Routine- Are you able to perform it confidently with good knowledge? 
  • Precision and Form-sharp movements, full extensions.

Lucky's Roadhouse

Line Dance: Brianna Carder, Nicole Holton
Swing Dance: Brianna Carder (follow), Cassie Douglas (follow), Jon Reeves (lead), Matt Phelps (lead)

Rocky Tonk

Line Dance: Matthew Torassa
Swing Dance: Trina Morago (follow), Hayden Evans (lead)

Cross-Eyed Cricket

Line Dance: Casey Beckett, Hannah Hamilton, Taylor Grizzle
Swing Dance: Alex Krupicka (lead), Ashley Testerman (follow), Ashlie DeHart (follow), Casey Beckett (lead), Hannah Hamilton (follow), Jordan Reid (lead), Kaden Walters (lead), Sarah Willis (follow)

Ciddici's Pizza

Line Dance: Jacob Duda, Kathleen Breitling, Casandra Weber
Swing Dance: Alanna Volk (follow), Cole La Brie (lead), Kathleen Breitling (follow), Casandra Weber (follow)

Burbity - Spokane Valley

Line Dance: Lisa Wetzler

The Farm
June 9, 2023

McKenzie Ekman
Emma Stager
Chareesa Aguliar
Monica Brown
Chelsea Giannone
Dan Carlson
Kelsey Keeler
Kienan Streed
Matt Kelly



Line Dance: Cy Silvas
Swing Dance: Cy Silvas (follow)

Silver Spur

Line Dance: Anna Rogers, Timmy Gillespie
Swing Dance: Anna Rogers (follow), Fantasia McCue (follow)

Steel Creek

Line Dance: Jaidan Darby
Swing Dance: Becca Pierce (follow), Kyle Forrester (lead), Reece Hibner (lead)

Big Whisky Saloon

Line Dance: Hayley Louise, Jessica Grimmer, Jamie Vorce
Swing Dance: Garret Motes (lead), Jessica Grimmer (follow), Ramon Prado (lead), Jamie Vorce (follow)


Line Dance: Jamie Vorce, Katie Sundbaum, Parker Mills, Casandra Weber
Swing Dance: Jamie Vorce (follow), Brad Peters (lead), Carley Gilmore (follow), Connor Laffey (lead), Casandra Weber (follow)

Shawn Gardner Dancing Qualifiers

Line Dance: Kathleen Breitling, Conner Githens
Swing Dance: Kathleen Breitling (follow), Cheyana Freeman (follow), Kevin Sydathong (lead), Travon Henson (lead)

Steel Creek

Ponderosa Lounge & Grill

Line Dance: Cole Runion, Robyn Maile Wilson
Swing Dance: Betsy Carlson (follow), Cole Runion (lead), Katie Simon (follow), Thomas Diggles (lead), Robyn Maile Wilson (follow)

Lucky's Roadhouse

Line Dance: Emorie Cote, Kami Flint
Swing Dance: Alex Langlais (lead), Kami Flint (follow), Lexie Heitzman (follow), Tristan Watts (lead)

Shawn Gardner Dancing June 30, 2023


Line Dancing Competition Video

"One Shot At A Time" is our 2023 PNW Stompede Qualifier Dance. Make sure to learn it before the 2023 PNW Stompede but, don't worry, our Stompeders will be there for a quick lesson before each competition!

"One Shot At A Time" is our 2023 PNW Stompede Qualifier Dance. Make sure to learn it before the 2023 PNW Stompede but, don't worry, our Stompeders will be there for a quick lesson before each competition!

Meet our Director of Dance

Line Dancing with Kat

Kat is a Portland-Metro based line dance instructor. She comes from a 20 year professional figure skating background, she began line dancing in 2016 and has never looked back! 
She is the resident program coordinator for Bushwhackers Saloon. You can find one of her classes around town at The Ponderosa Lounge, Paola’s Pizza, and many others! Kat’s classes are full of energy and joy; she will help you to learn the basics or take your craft to the next level.
Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Fun are the aspects that are most important to Kat and she brings that to all every class. Kat is available for private individual, group, or event lessons and is sure to bring fun and flair to your event! 

Meet our 2024 Stompeders

Line Dancers: 

Kat Nichols – Team captain

Lauren Epperson 

Kat Nichols

Lauren White


Nicki Greer

Maddie Bee

Arianna Staff

Amy Neidiffer

Courtney Braddock

Alex Dombeck

Hunter Mole'

Arianna Staff

Gavin Epperson

Maddison Puryear

Dave Saylors

Hunter Mole'

Thank You to our Amazing Sponsors!


CAMPING: All of our campgrounds are ADA-accessible.

PARKING: Free ADA parking will be located on Long Street near the tented area.

SEATING: All Seating is General Admission and room will be made for those who are in wheelchairs.

Bar Coded Tickets will be emailed to all patrons one week from the event.  You will have the option to add them to your Apple Wallet or just show the emailed ticket on your phone. Alternately, tickets can be printed and scanned at the door.

We accommodate service animals. Service animals are working animals, not pets. Service animals are NOT emotional support or therapy animals.  We follow the criteria for a service animal set forth by Oregon’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services.

Our Music and Brews Presented by the Oregon Jamboree will have a kid friendly atmosphere from 12pm-5pm on Friday and 11am-4pm on Saturday.  Balloon animals, face painting, free line dancing lessons, and merchants will be showcasing their wares.

Music and Brews presented by the Oregon Jamboree will be enforcing a clear bag policy for all.  Small non-clear clutches, with or without a strap, 4.5″ x 6.5″, will be allowed.  Clear plastic bags and totes can be purchased at the Music and Brews, but any clear bag will be allowed.  This ensures additional security for all.

Sorry, NO outside food, beverages (including bottled water), or coolers are allowed (other than baby food in plastic containers). A wide selection of your favorite foods and beverages including beer is available for purchase inside the concert area. 

Cameras are welcome, however DSLR cameras are strictly prohibited. If it has a detachable lens, leave it at home. In addition, video cameras or any recording devices and laser pointers are strictly prohibited. Both DSLR cameras and video cameras are subject to confiscation.

RV & tent camping are available at various locations near the concert site. Campsites vary in size and do not include hookups. Portable toilets and trash containers are provided.

Camping fees are per site, not per person, and include one vehicle. Additional vehicle passes are available for purchase from your camp host for $25. All vehicles must fit within your campsite.

No Drought will be providing potable water service for campers. Throughout the day, Thursday-Saturday of the event, they will drive through the campgrounds.  RV holding tank fills are $60 per tank.

No carry-in chairs are allowed in the tented area.  Chairs will be available for all ticketed patrons. 

Children of all ages are welcome during the day but the Music and Brews is an adult venue in the evenings, after 5:00pm on Friday and after 4:00pm on Saturday.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please see the section on Smoking.

An EMT station will be present on the grounds.

Sorry, NO outside food, beverages (including bottled water), or coolers are allowed (other than baby food in plastic containers).  A wide selection of your favorite foods and beverages including beer is available inside the concert area. 

The dates for 2022 Oregon Jamboree are July 29-31 and for the 2023 Oregon Jamboree are August 4-6.

Gates are located at 1306 Long St, Sweet Home, OR 97386. Gates open at 12:00 PM Saturday and at 11:00 AM Sunday.

For the safety of all of our patrons there will be a search conducted at the front gate. No coolers, food, beverages, alcohol or weapons. Video cameras or any recording devices are strictly prohibited as are laser pointers and all will be confiscated. This is strictly enforced. Patrons who intentionally violate these rules will have their wristbands cut and be refused future entry.

An information booth is located inside the tent. Also available at this booth is Lost and Found.

The Music and Brews does not have reserved parking lots. 

Sorry, NO pets allowed into the festival. Service animals are welcome.

Please see the section on Cameras.

Re-entry with a wristband after 5:00 PM Saturday & 4:00 PM Sunday.

Available in many areas throughout the site. Handicap-accessible portable restrooms are available on the site, as well as in each of the campgrounds. There are hand washing facilities available.


The use of tobacco products is not permitted on school district property within the State of Oregon (OAR 581-021-0110).  “Tobacco” is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, and any other smoking product, spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew, snuff, in any form, nicotine or nicotine delivering devices, chemicals or devices that produce the physical effect of nicotine substances or any other tobacco substitute (e.g., e-cigarettes). This does not include FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products used for the purpose of cessation. Smoking is allowed only in the Beer Gardens or other designated areas.

We welcome all patrons to carry their own personal EMPTY water bottles into the venue.  No liquids will be permitted through the gates, even if the bottle is sealed.  Water filling stations are available inside the venue.

The Oregon Jamboree will follow all current requirements from the State of Oregon at the time of the Event.  Please see website for more information.