August 2-4, 2024
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Camp Site Maps

These maps are rough estimates only!  Our all volunteer Camp Marking Team and Camp Host team often must make executive decisions at the last minute regarding camp sites.  Please be flexible and use them as a guide only!

Premier Campgrounds

Note: Premier Campgrounds do not have shuttle service.

Premier Tent A - Baseball Field

Premier Camp 1 - Upper Sankey Park

Premier Camp 2 - Swimming Pool Lot

Premier Camp 3 - Football Field Parking Lot

Premier Camp 4 - Football Field

Premier Camp 8 - Junior High

Premier Camp 12 - Long Street Lot

More Campgrounds

*Starred campgrounds are general admission sites.  When you arrive, your camp host will assign you to a site.  Campgrounds fill from the back to the front.  If you want to camp with friends, please arrive with all the camping passes together or arrive together.

Camp 6 - Hawthorne Elementary

Camp 7 - Oak Heights Elementary

Camp 9 - Rodeo Grounds West

Camp 10 - Rodeo Grounds East

*Camp 17 - Storage Depot