August 2-4, 2024
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2023 Volunteers

To purchase any of the following please click the links below. Please note that some of these items are only available for purchase until June 15, 2023.


Volunteers may purchase a volunteer camping space for $34.15.  Northside Park is being turned into a dog park so it is no longer available for volunteer camping; we have sites available for volunteers in Tent 14, Camp 15, and Camp 30. We only have so many sites available, and most likely will sell out. Please refer to the camping page on the website to see the map of campground locations.

Tent 14 – Tent Only sites

Camp 15 – RV Only sites

Camp 30 – RV/Tent sites

Volunteer Camping


One of our volunteer perks is the ability for each volunteer to purchase up to 2 Oregon Jamboree 3-day General Admission Tickets for $100 each.  You may purchase those clear up until the Oregon Jamboree opens or we sell out.

Volunteer Discounted Tickets


Each volunteer is given one volunteer shirt, unless you are on a camping team and receive 2.  Some volunteers like to pre-purchase extra volunteer shirts, tank tops or sweatshirts.  All of these have the volunteer design and not the designs that are available at merchandise.  

This year all teams are eligible to purchase tank tops except site clean team, safety team, and usher team and sponsor hospitality.  These are only available until June 15, 2023.  There is often some overstock for sale at merchandise onsite.

Volunteer Sweatshirt    Sizes S-5XL

Volunteer T-shirt   Sizes S-6XL

Volunteer Tank Top   Sizes S-2XL